Facebook Timeline – How to get it right now

by Johan Nilsson | 7th October 2011

As everybody is noticing Facebook have been doing some heavy changes lately. One of the biggest changes that has not yet gone public is the totally new Facebook Profile called Facebook Timeline. Facebook timeline is basically a way of showing your personal life story directly on your profile page and visitors can get to see [...] Read More

10 Ways To Solve Your Problem or Reach Your Goal

by Johan Nilsson | 21st July 2011

It is always great to get inspiration from other people who have done great things in the past. We can learn a lot from other people and I love that part of life. I love being impressed (“wowed”…) and inspired through seminars, webinars, 1-on-1 meetings, books, audios where people share things that have worked for [...] Read More

Who Do You Want To BE in 3 Years?

by Johan Nilsson | 9th June 2011

We usually tend to think and talk quite a lot about what we want and what we want to do. Something that we usually miss though is the fact that before we can have and do we usually need to change who we are and become more. This is of course not true in all [...] Read More

Are you playing “Top it”?

by Johan Nilsson | 17th May 2011

It’s always interesting to observe people you meet. I especially enjoy gatherings with a bit more people and seeing how the conversations are moving and getting a feeling for the personalities of the different people in the gathering. People are wonderful. You can learn something new from every meeting with another human being A funny [...] Read More

How to build confidence and destroy fear

by Johan Nilsson | 3rd May 2011

Good evening my friends, Today I want to share a very special principle with you all that is on the theme of feeling better about yourself and to be more powerful as a human being… Not bad, huh? Now that’s a big statement right there, but I have no problem throwing it out to you [...] Read More

5 min/day for your confidence

by Johan Nilsson | 15th April 2011

Good evening fellows, As promised in the previous post – here is the 3rd tip for boosting your confidence, so get attentive! 3. Write a Success Journal This is actually a very simple and straight forward task and it takes only 5 min/day. The important thing is that you do it every day. So, here [...] Read More

Custom Facebook pages

by Johan Nilsson | 5th April 2011

Hi there! On this great day I can announce to you great people that we have now launched our design service for setting up Your custom Facebook pages. You’ll find it over at: http://Custom-Facebookpages.com Most people know that facebook now has surpassed Google as the site with the most traffic in the world. Facebook users [...] Read More